Alxa League in North China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is scheduled to hold the 14th Alxa Festival from October 1-5, according to a press conference in Beijing.

China & Mongolia share the longest borderline of 4,710 kilometres. The two countries are good neighbours, good friends and good partners linked by mountains and rivers. Mongolia is an active supporter of Belt & Road Initiative.

As the country’s largest off-road vehicle gathering, the event, co-hosted by and the local government this year, will launch a T3 series competition, CERC an electric racing car championship, an auto expo, an Inner Mongolia Cultural Tourism Industry Conference, a fireworks event, etc. during the carnival.

The T3 series competition has evolved into a highlight of the event since its launch 13 years ago. Last year, the competition saw 200 teams, 600 vehicles and 1,200 participants involved, showing its high recognition among the participants. is a large club platform with more than 10 million members. The festival co-hosted by the is an annual large scale off road vehicle themed desert culture event.

As one of the measures taken by Alxa League to build an international tourism destination, the event has played an important role in promoting its regional image, which meanwhile is to help boost China’s growing off-road vehicle market.

Statistics showed that Alxa Left Banner where the festival is held has seen more than seven million tourists last year, realising a tourism income of about 6.4 billion yuan, a year on year increase of 46.91 percent. The comprehensive income of the 2017 Alxa Festival was 14.681 million yuan, up 191.23 percent over the previous year.