Strengthening Industrial Cooperation and Fortifying Communications and Road Transport have been cited as the main objectives behind organising this exhibition.

Turkmenistan Deputy Minister of Communications and Industry Baya Murat Ana Mammadov said on Sunday that the 1st intl. annual car exhibition of Caspian Sea Littoral States, with Iran participating, will be held in Turkmenistan’s Awaza on August 12.

Speaking in a News Conference in Ashgabat, the Deputy Minister added;

“this exhibition is slated to be held on the sidelines of 1st Caspian Economic Forum in the presence of leading car manufacturing countries including the Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkmenistan, Republic of Azerbaijan, Russia, and Kazakhstan.” Since Road Transport is one of the aspects of expanding Eurasian Countries communications for launching the “One Belt, One Road” project from China to Europe.

Car manufacturers in the Caspian Sea littoral states should exchange their experiences in the automotive sector to promote this industry in the regional countries, he added.

Mammadov further urged industrialists and car manufacturing industries in Iran, Russia, Republic of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan to play a leading role in strengthening economic infrastructures of regional countries, noting that car manufacturers can play an outstanding role in improving communications programs of the new Silk Road project and also North-South Transport Corridor from Central Asia and the Caucasus to the Islamic Republic of Iran up to India.