Nepal and China are likely to exchange 2,000 Megawatt Electricity within 2030. According to Ratomate-Rauwagadhi-Kerung 400 KV Transmission Line Project, in the upcoming 10 years, 2,000 Megawatt Electricity can be imported and exported as per the initial report of load flow.

The Project is currently testing load flow from two points of India and one point of China. Dhalkebar and Gorakhpur from India and Rasuwagadhi-Kerung point of China are being studied.

According to Komalnath Atreya, Project Head, Electricity can be imported and exported from China and the study is going on to accomplish the goal. The Outbreak of coronavirus has affected the work of the Chinese side which has delayed the work of combined load flow test.

“The technical group has seen flow all over Nepal and they studied the megawatt of initial flow,” said Atreya, “The study has shown that in the initial phase, 2,000 Megawatt electricity can flow.”

After the research is completed, the Detailed Project Report (DPR) will be prepared. The design of the sub-station will be constructed according to the test of load flow & necessary equipment will be imported.

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) from Nepal and State Grid of China are testing the load flow.

Permission Granted to Perform EIA

The Ministry of Forests and Environment has provided the permission to the project to carry out the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

According to the project officials, they will have discussions with stakeholders in mid-February. The work of EIA will be completed within 15 months, according to Atreya. The project will hold public hearings in Rasuwa, Nuwakot and Kerung.

After the construction of the transmission line, China will purchase electricity produced in Nepal. It will be the first inter-country transmission line with China. Nepal. The transmission line will have capacity of 5,000 megawatt.

There will be a sub-station in Ratomate in Nepal and the Chinese side sub-station will be in Gyirong County of Tibet. The distance between Rasuwagadhi border point and Ratomate is 70 kilometres. The inter-country transmission line is expected to be completed within six years.

Currently, Nepal has connected transmission lines in 11 Places with India. The Chinese government is planning to construct transmission lines in seven continents under the Belt & Road Initiative within 2030. Once the transmission line is connected to China, Nepal will be able to sell electricity to third countries through India.