The 2019 “Belt & Road” International Parkour Master Tournament concluded Sunday in Ningbo, East China’s Zhejiang Province.

The two day tournament, organised by the Chinese Extreme Sports Association, consisted of three contests testing competitors’ speed and skills, attracting over 50 trackers or practitioners of Parkour from all over the world.

Theo, a traceur from New Zealand, was crowned the winner of the individual race with a 28.1323-second performance, while Chinese competitor Ju Chen bagged the title of the individual skill contest by gaining 209.9 points.

While meeting parkour standards, the venue was designed boat-shaped with various local characteristics, which symbolises Ningbo’s historical identity as one of the gateways of the Maritime Silk Road, according to the organisers.

Parkour, also known as free-running, is a globally popular sport whose participants overcome obstacles in the urban landscape without assistive equipment & in the fastest and most efficient way possible.