The International SOS Foundation launched its 2019 Global Duty of Care Awards yesterday.

It is the fourth year of the annual awards, which recognise and reward organisations for excellence in mitigating health and security risks, and successfully protecting globally mobile work forces.

The focus of the 2019 Awards is ‘Sustainable Futures, Superior Growth’, and emphasises the positive contribution that a diligent approach to duty of care can have on the building and maintaining of a sustainable business. The awards will feature two new categories this year, ‘Remote Resilience’ and ‘Belt and Road Initiative’.

Submissions are now open, and organisations of all sizes are encouraged to send applications in the fields of security, risk management, travel, insurance, law, health and safety, occupational health and human resources.

“Many of the established norms of international relations are facing challenges, with far-reaching impacts on business,” said Arnaud Vaissié, Chairman of the International SOS Foundation.

“This includes heightened sensitivity around travel and relocation. Businesses with global work forces and increasingly complicated compliance obligations need to be kept abreast of what is changing. In particular, where, when and how it will affect them and their employees. The 2019 Awards encourage sharing of best practices in all aspects of duty of care.

This year’s focus on ‘Sustainable Futures, Superior Growth’ reflects that by protecting human capital at work, organisations can achieve greater sustainability and growth. The 2019 awards will be hosted in Shanghai, China, a centre of exponential growth and global change as the Belt and Road Initiative gains momentum.”