Ambassador says groundless to claim China squeezing Russia out of Central Asia, since both countries have their own niches in the region and are equally interested in their security and stability. Russia and China also exchange views on interlinking some of the projects of the Eurasian Economic Union, which the former is a part of, and the Belt and Road Initiative.

“I honestly do not see any reason to talk about China’s forcing Russia out of the Central Asian region. This region is kind of the core of the broad Eurasian space, the balanced development of which is in the interests of both China and Russia,” Russian Ambassador in Beijing Andrey Denisov said Thursday.

Infact; Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to visit Beijing, on April 26-27, to take part in Belt and Road Forum (One Belt, One Road), Russia’s Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov told journalists on Thursday, adding that the Russian Leader would be the main guest of the event. The dates have already been confirmed, and we are looking forward to seeing our President here in China. He also stressed that diplomatic cooperation of Moscow and Beijing last year were;

Diplomatic Cooperation of Moscow & Beijing last Year was “rather impressive”

“Four meetings took place last year at summits of our Leaders, six meetings of the Foreign Ministers and four meetings of the Defence Ministers,” he said. “A regular meeting of the Heads of Government also took place” last year, the Ambassador added. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev met for talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping while Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China Li Keqiang met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. They met in a bilateral format as well as on the sidelines of international events.

According to the Ambassador, the two countries have sort of different specialisations in the region. China, as a more powerful economy, is very active in the economic area, while Moscow is focused on issues of security and stability in Central Asia.

“In any case, I am unaware of the cases where our Chinese counterparts would encroach on those areas in which Russia has established mutually beneficial cooperation with the countries of the region,” he stressed.

The diplomat added that China was interested in the stability and security of the region, including as a factor in ensuring the success of its Belt and Road Initiative.

“We, in turn, are interested in exactly the same, based on our interests. So here, there is a platform for joint work, rather than competition,” Denisov concluded.

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