A Mobile Pavilion for countries along the Belt & Road Countries opened in east China’s Shanghai Municipality, showing featured products to build a new trading platform for imported goods.

Following the Second China International Import Expo (CIIE), which was held in early November this year, a mobile pavilion was built to show the visitors the import products and exotic cultures from countries along the Belt & Road in the next three months.

“The mobile country pavilion does not mean the movement of the place of the pavilion, but the mobility of the content inside it. This platform shows the merchandise, and allows customers to have the first-hand experience.

Through this platform, we show the world that the Chinese market is getting larger and larger, and we can achieve buying and selling global products in Shanghai,” said Xu Qin, director of Business Committee of Shanghai Hongkou District.

When a customer wants to buy products on display at the mobile pavilion, the merchants will deliver the goods directly to the customer from the bonded warehouse.

In order to better use the spillover effect of the CIIE, Hongkou District will also build a permanent pavilion to show, market and sell import products both online and offline, which is expected to become a trading platform for overseas products to draw customers from Shanghai as well as other cities in the Yangtze River Delta.

“We built a trading platform for countries around the world. We got the products from the import expo in Hongqiao business hub to Hongkou District.

We hope to build this model well and then promote it to the 27 cities in Yangtze River Delta,” said Tian Xiaohong, Secretary General of Shanghai office at Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce.