The Second China International Import Expo (CIIE) lowered its curtain last month, but the world continued to focus on the city. Through the “never close” model, Shanghai is taking advantage of the spillover effect of the event to help Enterprises.

China is now the Second largest economy and the second largest importer and consumer in the world. It provides a huge market and numerous business opportunities for international companies. With links to the Free Trade Zones and other national strategies, the expo is not a stand alone event.

Half a month ago, the mobile pavilion for the countries along the “Belt & Road” opened in Shanghai’s Hongqiao District. A three month exhibition is planned to be held here for the goods and cultures from these countries.

“This platform allows them to showcase their products, and create up-close experience opportunities for customers. Through this platform, we can really sell and buy globally in Shanghai,” said Xu Qin, director of the Hongqiao Business Committee.

After the expo, Shanghai’s Global Commodity Trading Promotion Center received clients from many countries. Some of them failed to participate in the expo, but chose to settle at the center in order to seek business opportunities.

“This is a great chance for us to come to China. I will be here next year at the show,” said Gerry O’Reilly, CEO of International Trading Company Sinowei.

For those exhibitors who participated in this year expo, the centre provided a platform for them to transform their exhibits into products to be sold in the Chinese market.

Zeng Shouyun, the Chief of the National Pavilion of Mongolia in China, was worried about how to deliver popular exhibits to Chinese customers.

“We were not able to sell our food products. They were only approved to be showcased, because we did not have complete certificates. We are now desperate to get our certificates approved,” he said.

The “Shanghai speed” didn’t disappoint him. With the help of the “green channel” provided by the local market regulatory authority, Zeng got his certificates in only one day.

Shanghai also creates several permanent trading platforms where bonded exhibition, transaction, logistics and storage services are all available.

“Taking the expo as an opportunity and using openness and innovation as the major drive force for our development, we will focus on diverse industries with distinguishing features and change the driving force of industrial development in fields of system and mechanism, policy innovation and industrial development,” said Zhuang Mudi, Secretary of Shanghai’s Fengxian District Party Committee.