Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft stressed on the importance of International Cooperation to tackle the world’s biggest problems, such as the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Gates made the remarks in an interview via video conference with CCTV on Thursday, while sharing his thoughts on how to fight and prevent global disasters such as the coronavirus in the future.

The renowned philanthropist said that it is important for everyone to play their part and to help within their means, citing China’s Cooperation within the African Continent as a good example. “China has been stepping up over the years to do more International cooperation. It always had strong relationships around the world, with things like Belt & Road Initiative.

Now we can think, is it beyond just the infrastructure? Are there things like the health systems in those countries that can be improved?

China helps support the African CDC and that’s a very important institution that’s stepping up to help with coronavirus. So our foundation, China and others can do even more there,” said Gates, who now serves as the co-chair of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In reference to the numerous petty finger-pointing around the world, Gates said that he hopes that people across the globe realise that we all share the same world and that we are all living in the same world and fighting a common battle to make it a better place for us and the future generations.

“Hopefully this idea of being worried about foreigners and global activities, that’s not some permanent thing. Because the benefits to the world, that the cooperation that in many cases does involve travel between countries, things like the United Nations getting together, and WHO getting together and working with the experts from all over the world on these problems.

I hope that that fear of people from other countries will not permanently increasing that because that would be a big step back for the world. Not only for this problem or future pandemics, getting rid of this in every country, but things like climate change, we need the innovative power of the world deeply cooperating with each other,” he said.

He added that he also hopes that despite the doom and gloom, the pandemic will make people realise that we are all humans, and that no matter the race, colour, social status, nationality or wealth, we are all susceptible to the same things.

“We are human, and these health challenges, we are susceptible to these things. There is great inequity already in the world in terms of where the children are dying when they are very young, and so I hope this awareness that ‘OK, the coronavirus hurt eventually poor countries worse than other countries”.

“Thinking about equity and supporting each other and not turning inwards because of this. I hope that the world sees it in that fashion,” he said.