Real Estate Development and Investment

CSCEC owns two real estate brands, China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd. (COLI) and China State Construction Land (CSC LAND).

COLI is the brand name of the real estate business sector of China Overseas Holdings Limited (COHL) It has ranked first in terms of brand value among Chinese property enterprises for many years.

The brand has developed property development business in dozens of economically active cities in the Guang dong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the Yangtze River Delta and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region in China, forming a balanced and robust business layout across the country.

The Company leverages the comprehensive advantages of its subsidiaries in investment and construction to make the effective synergy of property development and other businesses such as engineering construction, infrastructure investment, and urban and rural construction.

Moreover, the company steps up efforts to develop business in areas where the headquarters of subsidiaries are located and areas where CSCEC has traditional advantages and improves product design, development and service quality.

All these endeavours manifest the brand effect of CSCEC property brands and gradually foster strong competitiveness in the industrial chain.

Survey and Design

The survey and design sector of CSCEC is mainly composed of seven large-scale survey and design enterprises with Grade-A design qualifications, which covers businesses in areas such as construction design, urban planning, engineering survey and municipal public engineering design, and ranks top in China in areas such as super high-rise buildings, airports, hotels, sports architecture, exhibition buildings and ancient buildings.

The Company has nearly 10,000 professional and technical personnel in the fields of construction engineering design, municipal engineering design, engineering survey and rock-soil, with the total number of high-end professionals ranking top in the industry.

The Company has made important contributions to the development of the industry in terms of design originality, technological innovation and standardization.

Overseas Operation

CSCEC is the earliest industry brand in China to carry out the international engineering contracting business. Adhering to the operation philosophy of “internationalization”, CSCEC has formed a relatively rational overseas market layout through decades of overseas market development and operation.

The overseas engineering contracting businesses of CSCEC cover various areas such as housing construction, manufacturing, energy, transportation, water engineering, industry, petrochemical, handling of hazardous materials, telecommunications, sewage/waste treatment, etc. CSCEC has explored and successfully carried out overseas property development.

In terms of project operation, apart from the traditional model of general contracting, the Company has also actively explored project operation modes such as general contracting driven by financing and investment, DB, EPC, BOT and PPP. Meanwhile, the Company has actively promoted capital operation ways such as merger and acquisition, striving to realize substantial leapfrog development of overseas core business.

The Company will continue to promote the strategy of “overseas development”, enhance the localized operation and resource integration, implement the Belt & Road Initiative, and explore overseas development to advance international operation with a stronger sense of mission, more ambitious target and higher positioning.

Construction, Operation & Maintenance of Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital

Several days before the Spring Festival, the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. On January 23, 2020, requested by Hubei Province and Wuhan City, China Construction Third Engineering Bureau CO., LTD undertook the construction of Huoshenshan Hospital, which was designated to receive coronavirus patients.

Two days later, China Construction Third Engineering Bureau CO., LTD was assigned to independently build the Leishenshan Hospital. The company was confronted with high construction standards, a short construction period, great pressure of on-site safety and pandemic prevention, lack of migrant workers during the Spring Festival Holiday, factory shutdown, and obstacles that arose during the lockdown of Wuhan such as personnel allocation, materials procurement and equipment dispatch, etc.

To help the company accomplish the two major projects, Zhou Naixiang, Chairman of China State Construction, Chairman of CSCEC, and Zheng Xuexuan, General Manager of China State Construction, Director and President of CSCEC, hurried Wuhan in time for frontline command and field guidance.

CSCEC paid great attention to the deployment and assigned over 4,000 employees from 11 affiliated companies to support the construction of the two hospital projects, including China Construction First Group Corporation Limited, China Construction Second Engineering Bureau Ltd., China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau CO., LTD, China Construction Fifth Engineering Division Corp.,Ltd. (CCFEB), China Construction Seventh Engineering Division Corp., Ltd., China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Corp., Ltd. (CCEED), China State Decoration Group Co., Ltd.,China Construction Science and Industry Corporation Ltd., China Construction Industrial & Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd.(CCIEE), China West Construction Group Co., Ltd., and China Construction Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

As the major construction unit of the two hospitals, China Construction Third Engineering Bureau CO., Ltd. established a leading group for the emergency project construction immediately after being assigned the projects, formulated the hourly works schedule, and organized work shifts on an hourly base, realizing simultaneous planning and design, plan compilation, on-site construction and resource allocation.

The company organized nine subsidiaries to support the projects and allocated over 2,500 sets of large-scale equipment and transportation vehicles, over 5,000shipping containers, and over 4,000 management personnel and about 35,000 operational personnel to ensure 24-hour construction.

The BIM technology and prefabricated construction technology were adopted to ensure safe and highly efficient construction. In the end, the construction of the Huoshenshan Hospital was completed within 10 days and nights while the construction of the Leishenshan Hospital was completed within 12 days.

The construction progress of the Huoshenshan Hospital and the Leishenshan Hospital was paid great attention to by the country and even the whole world. With the 5G signal, mainstream media such as CCTV and People’s Daily broadcast the 24-hour construction scenes. Nearly 100 million people watched the live broadcast at the highest point. The live broadcast and news reports of CSCEC also received tens of millions of views.

Promoting Technological Innovation

Technological innovation is the driving force for high-quality development; high-quality development cannot be achieved without technological innovation. Carrying forward the spirit of science and craftsmanship, CSCEC is committed to establishing a technological innovation system that is enterprise-oriented, market-oriented, and deeply integrated with industry, universities and research institutes, to make more iconic and influential independent innovation achievements and to foster new driving forces for development.

In 2019, the R&D investment of CSCEC was RMB 21.87 billion. The Company had 84,200 employees in intermediate technical positions and above, accounting for 25% of the total number of employees.

The model employee and craftsman innovation studios, established by China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Corp., Ltd. (CCEED), covered general contracting management, super high-rise construction, highway reconstruction and expansion, and other areas. It has successfully applied for 228 national patents and won honours such as the provincial innovative team, worker pioneer, and the demonstration studio for model employee and craftsman innovation.

Among them, the R&D achievements of Chang Hongbin BIM + AI Model Employee Innovation Studio was awarded the “Outstanding Innovation Achievement Award on the 5th National Employee Innovation Achievement Competition”.

The Baiwangxin High-Tech Industrial Park Smart 3D Garage Project, undertaken by China Construction Science and Industry Corporation LTD., is a key parking demonstration project in Nanshan District, covering 1,400 square meters of the construction area.

The project aims to solve the parking problem of enterprises in the industrial park. The smart 3D garage of Baiwangxin High-Tech Industrial Park is 25.25 m high, with 191 parking lots. The average car parking time is about 60 seconds. The smart 3D garage has lots of strengths in terms of parking time, operation efficiency, safety and reliability, saving people from seeking parking lots and the parking effort.

Based on the concept of construction industrialization, China Construction Science and Industry Corporation LTD. adopted diverse technologies to develop a series of products and industrialized construction systems for small assembled smart city facilities, including GIS (geographic information system) urban planning, BIM design platform, prefabricated chemical plant production, standardized assembly line manufacturing, automated production line construction, prefabricated construction, cloud platform management, and full lifecycle monitoring, etc.

The company signed a contract for the small prefabricated smart public toilet project in Shenzhen. Up to now, the project has been put into standardized assembly line production.

Leading Industrial Development

CSCEC advocates fair competition and protects the normal development order of the industry. We have actively participated in national and industrial development research, planning and standard formulation, promoted industrial structure upgrade and made a crucial breakthrough in R&D and manufacturing of major equipment, R&D of high-performance building materials, in-situ 3D printed buildings, the horizontal rotating movement of large buildings, and aerial rotating movement of ultra-long cable-stayed bridges, etc., forming some global leading achievements and becoming a leader in industrial technology development.

In 2019, we participated in the preparation of six compulsory national standards as a chief editorial unit and compiled and issued one national standard.

The “bridge tower building machine”, the integrated self-adapting smart jacking tower platform independently developed by China Construction Third Engineering Bureau CO., LTD, was successfully applied in the construction of the 155-meter-high main tower of the Wujiagang Yangtze River Bridge in Yichang, Hubei.

Since the bridge tower slanted, the balance of the jacking is very important. When the “bridge tower building machine” is ascending, the jacking can adapt to the change of the cross-section to maintain balance.

The positioning error of the four support points can be controlled within 5 mm so that the workers can conduct operations on a flat platform.

China Construction Second Engineering Bureau Ltd. and China State Construction Technical Center jointly completed the 3D printing of the main structure of a 7.2-meter-high double-storey office building in Guangdong construction base.

The in-situ 3D printing construction technology makes three breakthroughs: the main structure is directly printed on the site without secondary assembly; the printed wall is hollow, which is convenient for adding thermal fillers; the technology is applied in the double-storey building for the first time, which has a complicated structure.

Green Construction

SCEC has developed a series of green materials and green building technologies for the construction of a comprehensive green building operating platform that covers the whole lifecycle of “investment, construction and operation”.

Through the construction of demonstration green construction projects, we have effectively reduced the production of various pollutants and the impacts of the construction processes on the environment.

The Eco-Smart City project developed by China Construction Fifth Engineering Division Corp., Ltd. (CCFEB) won the Global Human Settlements Award Planning and Design, the first residential project within the Eco-Smart City, CSCEC·No. 1 Mansion project, won the Global Demonstration Green Community Award, and China Construction America (CCA) was ranked 53rd among the list of ENR 2019 Top 100 Green Building Contractors.

China West Construction Group Co., Ltd. (CWCG) is committed to creating green and environmentally friendly concrete enterprises. By making efforts in the six aspects of green design, green construction, green procurement, green consumption, green consumption management and control, and environmental protection-oriented public welfare, we aim to achieve whole-process green production of construction and build a clean, low-carbon, and circular green production system.

The 800-mu Shenyang Urban Solid Waste Comprehensive Utilization and Green Environmental Protection Industrial Park covers a total population of about 3 million.

Adhering to the design concept of “integrated treatment of multiple types of wastes, application of multiple production methods, and environmental protection”, China Northeast Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. (CSCECNEI) provides whole-process design and consultation services for the project.

The project covered front-end treatment lines for sludge treatment and construction waste treatment and back-end resources recycling of sintered ceramic, recycled aggregate, recycled concrete and products, etc.

The Tianjin CSCEC Center built by China Construction Sixth Bureau Real Estate Company is the first building in Tianjin Municipality to obtain the certification of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum Standard.

The super high-rise office building of the project has strictly followed the concept of green building and environmental protection starting from the initial design stage and is in line with multiple requirements for sustainable construction sites, water utilization, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, innovative design, etc. It perfectly interprets the concept of green building and environmental protection.

Safeguarding Employee Rights and Interests

Strictly abiding by relevant laws and regulations of the country and the national market, CSCEC continues to improve the various rules and regulations concerning employees.

Adhering to equality and diversity in recruitment, we have improved the remuneration and benefits system as well as the assessment system of employees, built a democratic management platform, and truly responded to expectations and demands of employees, comprehensively protecting the legitimate rights and interests of employees.

Besides, we have formulated the Public Records Management Measures to stipulate restrictions on the access to public records of employees, thus protecting the privacy of employees.

China Construction America is committed to enhancing the employment rate of women in the construction industry and promoting equal work and equal rights initiative. Insisting on creating an equal and respectful working atmosphere, China Construction America treats all employees equally.

It promotes care for women, takes the lead in introducing measures for protecting women’s rights and interests, creates more learning opportunities for women, and encourages more women to enter the construction industry. It has been awarded the Excellent Contributions Award issued by the Association of Women Construction Workers of America.

CSCEC organized the China-Africa Young Workers’ Exchange Camp and organized 30 young foreign technical and management employees to visit Zhuhai, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Hengqin Free Trade Zone, etc.

The camp deepened the communication between CSCEC’s African employees with employees of CSCEC headquarters, allowed African employees to experience Chinese culture and learn advanced construction skills, and enhanced mutual trust between young employees of China and Africa.

In order to enhance cultural exchanges between Chinese and Russian employees, China Construction Russia invited local employees to participate in themed cultural activities to share traditional Chinese culture.

These activities, including concerts, tea culture learning and sharing sessions, food culture salons, and the Cultural Exchange Day campaign, recorded beautiful pictures and moments of cultural exchanges between employees and promoted mutual understanding and support between Chinese and Russian employees.