Assistance to Pandemic-hit Countries and Development potentials of the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) show that the general welfare of citizens around the world has an important place in China’s Policy, Member of the Serbian Parliament has said.

“China practically demonstrated how a great power, which accounts for the future of all, should behave in practice,” Zarko Obradovic, Vice President of the Socialist Party of Serbia, said in a recent interview.

Obradovic highlighted the vital role of China’s anti-epidemic campaign in the global fight against COVID-19, as well as the role of the BRI in accelerating global development.

“My country, Serbia, is the best example of the importance of China’s assistance in combating COVID-19, because not only the material help, but also the advice of Chinese experts have given Serbia moral strength to face the epidemic,” he said.

“Moreover, the Serbia-China projects in infrastructure and energy confirmed the importance of the BRI. We are greatly grateful for China on that,” he added.

The Parliamentarian said that the epidemic was controlled in China at an earlier date than in other countries thanks to the joint efforts of its state, the Communist Party of China and its people.

Thanks to the good organization of Chinese society and the great knowledge of Chinese doctors, China succeeded in containing the epidemic at home by implementing effective measures to protect its citizens, he said. “China didn’t hesitate to close down large cities in order to suppress the disease, and this shows its responsibility.”

“China is not only the first to beat COVID-19, but also sent medical aid and equipment to many countries,” he said.

“Chinese doctors went to many countries where they were much-needed and wanted. Through video conferences, Chinese doctors shared their experiences with their colleagues in other countries on how to fight COVID-19,” he noted.

“China has shown in all these ways, and of course with its economic development, that it spearheads the global anti-pandemic fight in this tough year for the mankind,” he said.

Obradovic said in terms of pandemic relief and economic recovery, China is setting an example for others, which also shows the country’s humanism and readiness to help other countries.

“China understands that things have changed in the world, that the world has become multipolar. In such a world, China sets an example to other countries about what to do if we all want the world to be a safe place for people to live in and to improve the quality of life,” he added.