China’s development and its willingness to share its development has created a new opportunity for the world, a U.S. expert has said in a recent interview.

“China is playing a foremost role in terms of peacekeeping and ideas creation. Both the Belt & Road Initiative and the poverty alleviation, which are ideas that have been brought forward by China for the good of the world, have been embraced by the United Nations,” said William Jones, Washington bureau chief of the U.S. publication Executive Intelligence Review.

“Most of the world has said this is really how we want to move forward … China and its development, and its willingness to share that development has created a new opportunity for the world,” he said.

China’s success story of poverty alleviation has given “a different direction to history,” he said.

Poverty alleviation is no longer a slogan, Jones said, emphasizing

“it’s something that can be accomplished today in our time if we put our minds to it”

Jones said that development policies will be “an important element of China’s role in the United Nations.”

Cooperation between major countries, especially China and Russia, has shown that there can be a different direction “taken away from conflicts, wars and military solutions to a more peacefully directed development policy,” he said.

In terms of world development, China has been playing an important role, according to the expert.

World development has been talked about for several decades, but “poverty has not been alleviated and development has not become a major issue for many poor countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America,” according to Jones.

Through the Belt and Road Initiative, China has shown that global development can be achieved, said Jones, expecting countries across the globe to “gather around policy for global development, in which poverty no longer exists.”

“I think China will be playing a major role in that,” he said.