The rapid development of China’s Digital Sector could act as a kind of blueprint for Italian companies looking to thrive in the same sector, according to Michele Geraci, Former Under-Secretary of State at Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development.

Geraci, an Economist who was seen as one of the Government’s Top China Policy Experts during the first government of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, is now a lecturer at the University of Nottingham’s Campus in Ningbo, China. His remarks were quoted by media reports. When contacted, Geraci indicated the information was accurate.

“The development of the digital economy in China brings both lessons and opportunities for Italy,” Geraci is quoted as saying.

Geraci mentioned the widespread use of digital payment as an area where Italy can benefit from China’s experience.

Geraci said that through China, Italy can see the benefit of investments in the digital economy and that the digital sector in China can represent compelling markets for Italian companies.

As Undersecretary of State with Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development, Geraci was one of the architects of Italy’s participation of the Belt & Road Initiative, which was formalized last year.