The awarding ceremony of the third Silk Road and Young Dreams exchange contest was held on Saturday in Beijing, with more than 700 young people from different countries for building a community of human health.

With the theme of “Health: Youth Dreaming and Social Responsibility,” the event invited the ambassadors to China of Malaysia, Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina to participate, and called on the youths of countries along the Belt & Road can convey international support and concern, and build a community of human health.

In addition, the youths from different countries, on behalf of all contestants, chanted the Silk Road Youth Declaration aloud, calling on young people to devote themselves to global health governance, work together in the shared future, and promote development.

“Organizing this competition among the nations through the Belt & Road Initiative shows international cooperation. Because when the challenge comes, they don’t see a rich country or poor country, but it is the whole humanity who is [being] challenged. And the youths have given us an example of how to use the challenge as an opportunity through the Belt & Road Initiative,” said Simon Pierre Adovelande, Benin’s Ambassador to China.

Youths also expressed their understanding of and observations on topics such as “healthy living, healthy society, healthy environment, and healthy cooperation along the Belt & Road.”

“This event, and events like these, which are about celebrating our youths and how they come together and how they can be motivated, is something which is celebrating our future together. So it is all about, you know, creating a feeling because everything else is, politics aside, it is like, you know, bringing the people together and this is bringing our future generations together. So when they take over, they have it in their heart to work together for the common good of mankind and not be alone, not be isolated,” said Ahmed Farooq, Pakistan’s s Ambassador to China.