The original musical drama “The Sound of the Silk Road”, the first Silk Road-themed show in China, premiered on Friday in China’s capital city Beijing for the seventh anniversary of the promotion of the Belt & Road Initiative.

The show is produced by the Shaanxi Tourism Group Company in collaboration with a famous music drama production team. It will perform in Xi’an City, capital of northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, in July. After that, it will do on-site performances and a domestic tour for two years, followed by a world tour.

The show tells the story of a Chinese teenager who grew up in a Western country and travels back to Chang’an City in the Han Dynasty (202 BC-220 AD). Under the grand historical background of the Han Dynasty, he witnesses the changes of the times through his personal growth, presenting the culture, history and customs of various nations along the Silk Road.

The composition and arrangement of the play is a bold innovation, infusing musical elements from China as well as countries and regions along the Silk Road using a Broadway musical style.

“The show is a cooperation between our Chinese side and Broadway team, which sounds modern. Meanwhile, we need some Chinese features in the melody and instruments. We applied the characteristic instruments in the countries and regions along the Silk Road. We want to bring a new experience to the audience,” said Jin Peida, the music director of the show.

“The idea of collaboration and crossing cultures is embedded in the entire mission of this show and it’s also one of our central themes in the show about the Silk Road and what it offers the world and what it has created in the world in terms of cross-cultural communication,” said Gabriel Barre, the director of the show.

As the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, Xi’an has a splendid culture surrounding the Silk Road. It is committed to establishing an international cultural exchange center between Asia and Europe, under the Belt and Road Initiative.

The show is the first Silk Road-themed music drama to be performed in the international market and rooted in the culture of northwest China. It creates a precedent for the combination of traditional music dramas and performances with tourism, and allows for a showcase of Chinese culture to the world.

“Through the show, we want to further spread our culture and the culture of the Silk Road, so that more Western audiences can know about our history and culture,” said Liu Yuan, the project director of the show.