At the ongoing third China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, over 340 Enterprises in the technical equipment exhibition area are displaying their most eye catching equipment with top-notch technologies, offering viewers glimpses of the future.

Hitachi gives visitors the opportunity to learn about an integrated building management system.

With the help of artificial intelligence, the property manager can have a clear view of elevator operation, passenger movement, building equipment and layout of digital devices. The AI system can also assist in elevator analysis including the waiting time, number, degree of crowdedness, and even send a timely alert on emergency including elevator malfunction, stranded personnel, and fights.

In the field of production, many new innovative solutions are provided by enterprises at the CIIE to help solve industrial problems.

Famsun, an integrated solution provider, displayed an intelligent pellet mill for livestock and poultry feed with higher output and energy-efficiency. A pellet mill can process powdered materials into a larger, homogeneous mass which can greatly upgrade the quality of the feed.

The pellet mill constructed by Famsun has broken through the industry bottleneck of high energy consumption, low automation, and poor safety and hygiene in the global feed processing industry and advanced the overall technological development of feed and breeding industries.

“We have provided processing factories to 52 countries along the Belt & Road Routes and provided them with more integrated grain solutions,” said Liu Guangdao, president of global marketing, Famsun.

ABB Group, a leading supplier of industrial robots, robot automation and robotic manufacturing systems from Switzerland, premiered its gas leakage detection drone at the CIIE. The drone can provide precise and accurate leakage detection at a one-billion level for remote places where people and vehicles cannot reach.

Moreover, a high-speed palletizing/depalletizing system developed by Nachi-Fujikoshi made its debut at the CIIE. This is the third year that Nachi-Fujikoshi has participated in the expo.

According to the company, it has attracted new customers from different industries and fields through the first two CIIE, and its technology R&D has expanded from traditional industries like automobiles and 3C to agriculture, animal husbandry and even biopharmaceutical industry.

“We have always been confident in the Chinese market. China’s traditional industry and high-tech enterprises are all developing rapidly,” said Zhuo Guojie, General Manager of Nachi-Fujikoshi (China) Co., Ltd.