The Communist Party of China has recently come under fire from Western media and US politicians, especially since COVID-19. The truth is that the CPC is the driving force of China’s social and economic miracles and political progress.

Undoubtedly, the CPC has been unique and distinguished since its inception in July 1921 in that it combined Marxist-Leninist principles with Chinese characteristics.

Its eventual victory over the Kuomintang party led to the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. Despite market reforms introduced in the late 1970s, the modern Chinese state remains a basically socialist system maintained by the CPC’s functioning, leading role and strength.

As the Party prepares for the 100th anniversary of its founding, it has brought about China’s rapid economic growth and rise as a global power, despite facing challenges at home and abroad amid such challenges as economic inequality and the coronavirus pandemic.

It was the strong will of the CPC and Chinese people that led to its victory in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea from 1950-53, which shocked the world as the newly founded republic was weak in every way compared with the United States and US-led forces.

The CPC employed its collective wisdom to launch the five-year plan system in 1953. Next year will mark the 14th five-year period.

Each of the past 13 plans has projected the nation’s social, economic and political goals according to its actual situations and needs. These have led to successes, as small steps aggregate to amount to miracles.

Likewise, the Party convenes its national congress every five years to set major policies and elect the CPC Central Committee and Politburo as well as the Politburo Standing Committee, which functions as the core of the Party’s leadership.

The CPC’s decision-making is based on democratic centralism. It has not only succeeded in feeding 1.4 billion Chinese people but also has considerably improved their living standards. It is a force behind China’s social, economic and political power that deserves respect rather than ridicule.

The 18th CPC National Congress in 2012 marked the peaceful transition from Hu Jintao to Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee. Xi is also president of the country and the head of its military.

Under President Xi’s Leadership, the CPC has revamped its anti-corruption supervision, tapped domestic vitality and pushed through ambitious plans, including the Belt & Road Initiative, to among other things, expand trade by building ports, railways and other infrastructure to increase international connectivity.

The BRI principles of consultation and cooperation for shared benefits, and its aim for open, green and clean cooperation and development, showcase the CPC’s vision for better lives for all of the world’s people.

“Serve the people” is a popular slogan from the era of Mao Zedong.

Today, the CPC’s people-centered policy is a guide to the world’s largest poverty-relief campaign. China is this year finishing the final battles to eliminate extreme poverty.

The country’s success in containing COVID-19 in a comparatively short period has again proved it puts life first and prioritizes people’s interests, which has also won greater support for the Party, contrary to some Western critics’ expectations. President Xi is also stressing a capable People’s Liberation Army.

No doubt the CPC has transformed China from a less-developed country into a xiaokang society that is moderately prosperous in all respects. It remains a developing nation but is advanced in many scientific fields.

Moreover, President Xi has championed the concept of a global community with a shared future for mankind. This concept embraces the common values of peace and development, fairness and justice, democracy and freedom.

Led by the CPC, China is calling for balanced and inclusive development, win-win cooperation, fair and equitable global governance, and environmental sustainability and harmony.

A world with such qualities can only mean a better planet for all. And a Party that strives for these goals should be revered.

Author: Syed Ali Nawaz Gilani
Editor’s note: The article reflects the author’s opinion only, and not necessarily the views of editorial opinion of Belt & Road News.