An intelligent water-saving irrigation system developed by Northwest China’s Ningxia University will be used to green the venue for 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Different from the ground operations like a tickle or spray irrigation, this underground infiltrated technology developed by the School of Resources and Environment of Ningxia University after 11 years’ efforts feature more accurate irrigation to crops’ roots. The pipe can evenly ooze water droplets under control and reduces unnecessary losses.

Sun Zhaojun, Dean of the school, introduced the key technologies applied in the system to achieve stable energy supply and smart control.

“The core is that we use wind and solar power to pump water. The second is that we are now using IoT (Internet of Things) technology to perform intelligent control throughout the process. The third is our underground infiltrated irrigation, which irrigates the roots of the crops that absorb water and transports fertilizer directly,” said Sun.

According to Sun, more than 90 per cent of this project possesses independent intellectual property rights. It has applied for two international patents from the United States and the UAE and obtained more than 30 Chinese patents for the invention.

“Our Park covers an area of 800 mu (about 53 hectares), [this technology] can save us more than 100,000 yuan (over 15,000 U.S. dollars) of power consumption per year, and it also reduces 10 labourers every year,” said Liao Yanhong, chairman of Ningxia Qiyuan Ecological Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Under the Framework of the Belt & Road Initiative, Ningxia University has reached a cooperation agreement of 1.264 billion US Dollars with two companies from China and Qatar. It will send experts and technicians to complete the greening project for the 2022 World Cup.