A China-Europe Freight Train from Chengdu, Capital of China’s Southwest Province Sichuan, arrived on Friday at its destination the Polish City of Lodz.

It was the First China-Europe Freight Train from Chengdu that arrived in Poland since the beginning of the New Year. Loaded with electronic products, machinery parts and smart appliances, among others, the train left the southwest China City on Jan 1.

While global logistics has been affected by COVID-19 to varying degrees, the China-Europe rail freight service has made its contribution to stabilizing world trade and facilitating global cooperation to fight the pandemic.

According to Hatrans Logistics, operator of the China-Europe rail freight in Poland, orders for this rail cargo service have been growing so rapidly during the COVID-19 outbreak that the rail cargo service for January has already been fully booked since a long time ago.

“The train from China to Europe, from China to Lodz, is currently, at this moment, 100 per cent booked. Especially during the pandemic, our company has noticed that due to coronavirus, a lot of people are interested in e-commerce more and more.

So the traffic is getting bigger and bigger,” said Filip Grzelak, board member of Hatrans Logistics.

The company plans to build a new terminal covering 64,000 square meters in two years to cope with the growing demand for China-Europe rail cargo service.

“In my opinion, China, in the long run, is a partner that in many areas is the most desired one. So I truly believe that this cooperation will be strengthening”

Adam Pustelnik, Deputy Mayor – Lodz

A record 12,400 China-Europe Freight Train trips were made in 2020, up 50 per cent from the previous year. It was also the first time freight train trips between China and Europe exceeded 10,000 per year, said the China State Railway Group Co., Ltd.

The trains transported nearly 1.14 million twenty-foot equivalent unit containers last year, up 56 per cent year on year.

The cross-border China-Europe Freight Train service connecting China and the European countries, officially known as “China Railway Express”, has bridged 59 Chinese cities with 49 European cities in 15 countries.

Initiated in 2011, the China-Europe rail service is considered a significant part of the Belt & Road Initiative to boost trade between China and countries along the routes.