The Second China – LATAM Think Tank meeting on Belt & Road Financing Support was held here in Beijing Wednesday.

The Seminar was hosted by DeHeng Law Offices on discussing the financing prospects and opportunities in energy, electricity, natural resources, and infrastructure cooperation between China and Brazil, as well as sharing investment financing solutions for China-Latin American projects under the framework of Belt & Road Initiative (BRI).

In the Opening speech, Jia Hui, Secretary General of the Belt & Road Service Connections (BNRSC), mentioned the strong interest of Chinese enterprises on investing in Brazil and the importance for both sides to pursue reliable partnerships.

Representatives from Brazil and China briefed the investment situation of Chinese enterprises in Brazil’s energy infrastructure. China’s investment in Brazil has shown a growing trend of diversification in areas and considering the wide variety of investment and large bilateral trade volume, China-Brazil cooperation is expected to be further strengthened.

During the seminar, Guo Yao, from CNPC Economics&Technology Research Institute expressed her concerns about the stability and continuity of the Brazilian government’s overseas investment policies.

In response to this problem, Guilherme Kronwald Barbosa of XP Investimentos, the largest investment company in Brazil, said Brazilian government expects Chinese investment to continue increasing this year as the Vice President of Brazil Mourao’s official visit to China in May this year has shown a positive signal.

The China-LATAM Think Tank is a platform jointly established by the BNRSC, Brazil’s L.O. Baptista Law Firm and Brazil’s GRI Infrastructure Club.

It aims to strengthen the relations between China and Latin American countries through the construction of the “Belt & Road Initiative” to meet the demand of Latin American region to attract investment.