China’s national dance drama Silk Road celebrates its 40th birthday this May. Dubbed the model of China’s national dance drama, Silk Road has been performed for 40 years.

Created and premiered in May 1979, Silk Road is based on Dunhuang frescoes. It tells the story of painter Zhang and his daughter Yingniang’s life-and-death relationship with a Persian businessman.

With the theme of peace and friendship, the dance drama brings the magnificent and colorful Dunhuang frescoes onto the stage, vividly expressing Dunhuang culture and praising the friendship of the people of the countries along the Silk Road.

Since 2016, the drama has infused modern technologies with ancient Dunhuang culture. And high-tech stage designs better reproduce the authentic characteristics of Dunhuang and build up an immersive atmosphere.

“When I was dancing, I was more than myself, I represented my team and my homeland. I am honored to be a cultural ambassador to show Dunhuang arts.”

The troupe of Silk Road has visited over 40 countries and performed more than 2880 times for more than 4.5 million audiences.