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Why Pacific Islands Crisis Matter to Washington & Beijing?

Last week, five Pacific islands countries withdrew from the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF), the region’s premier multilateral organization. Collectively comprising the sub-region...
Illustration - US & China tug War

US Economic Policies in Asia require Rethinking

Washington being left behind as China sprints ahead As a New Administration takes over in Washington, countries in Asia are watching closely...
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U.S. Enters NATO Meetings, as China & its Belt & Road threat looms

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin will meet with Members of the world’s most powerful Military Alliance on Wednesday for first time...
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How will Biden Shape the US – China Relationship?

The Downward Spiral in US-China relations during the Trump administration prompted many to assert that the United States and China were...
Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin share a toast

Will the Biden Administration Push Russia & China Closer Together?

Sino-Russian relations are largely motivated by anti-Americanism but that alone will only advance ties so far. With a New U.S. President in...

Biden aims to Isolate China on Coal, but it might Blow-back

The U.S. wants to stop new coal projects, but risks losing poor countries to Beijing’s "Belt & Road" agenda. President Joe Biden’s...
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The Pushback against Chinese Global Ambitions

While the United States focused on conflicts and reconstruction in Afghanistan and Iraq, China assiduously worked to promote and advance its...
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Will the US Choose the Cold War or Coexistence with China?

When and how does extreme competition between the US and China tip over into a new cold war of decoupling and...
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US Falling behind, China already has New Initiatives on Rail: Biden

President Biden after his First Phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday warned that the US would need to...

The Shifting Arctic Environment

During the past decade, military security has been reclaiming its relevance in the Arctic. The region is becoming more accessible due...