About Us

Belt and Road News Network (BRN), is an emerging international media organization, dedicated to news, views & analysis on belt & road initiative (BRI) and it’s over 150-member, it is the world’s first and only news network dedicated to belt and road initiative. Creating a better understanding of the initiative across globe, otherwise viewed/blamed for being ill-informed & heavily wrapped and always seen with skepticism that is manoeuvred according to will.

Our mission is to be completely unbiased. We’re loyal to neither nations nor its leaders but only to truth. With responsive reporting & their analysis, ascertaining the truth from every angle & source. And while the fake news continues to be checked & blocked, there are still countless assertions that go unchecked. We endure to fill in the gaps. We are committed to being fully transparent with how we report our stories. BRN is prone to be the leader in providing dedicated news, views & analyst on belt and road initiative, a media organization to be recognized globally for its authority, integrity and accuracy.

Our Vision is “To be recognised as global leaders for news for its authority, integrity and accuracy on Belt & Road Initiative”.

All content created by BRN is available in full, free of charge (provided due credit is given) to any reputable publisher that can help us provide even a larger audience. BRN currently has over 100 publishers signed onto its free license to run its content on their sites. For further details please click here.