A Rwandan journalist attributes in a book achievements made in China and the African Country to effective leadership.

In his book titled “China and Rwanda: Effective Leadership is Key to Transformational Governance”, veteran Rwandan journalist Gerald Mbanda described the governance as transformational in the two countries.

He compared the two countries’ development paths and expounded his observations that their achievements were made possible chiefly by effective leadership.

The book was launched Thursday. More than 100 Rwandan officials and figures and foreign diplomats attended the event.

Mbanda, head of media affairs and communication department of Rwanda Governance Board, noted at the launch that the experiences of Rwanda and China demonstrate that all countries are capable of developing their own growth models without cloning the Western ones.

The two countries share a lot in common, especially in the economic transformation that centers on people’s prosperity and lifting people out of poverty, he said.

On China-Rwanda relations, he praised China as “a true friend of Africa”, noting that China has supported and financed Africa’s development in a wide range of areas, especially in infrastructure development.

In addition, Mbanda said the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is “one of the most ambitious development projects in the 21st century”, and that it will improve multilateral relations and promote transcontinental trade.

Chinese Ambassador to Rwanda Rao Hongwei said he believes “the first ever book in history about China and Rwanda written by Rwandan people” will help deepen understanding of the achievements in China and Rwanda while boosting bilateral cultural and people-to-people exchanges.

Senator Tito Rutaremara said the achievements of Rwanda and China highlighted in the book are a good demonstration that they have effective leaderships that deliver on people’s expectations.

The book reveals that the transformational journey of the two countries is built on effective leadership and governance, said Eugene Ndabaga, a Professor with University of Rwanda.

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