Foreign Ambassadors are eying more Opportunities to boost trade with China while attending the 11th China Overseas Investment Fair, which opened on Thursday in Beijing.

This year, in the first 10 months alone, over 90 billion U.S. dollars of China’s non-financial outbound direct investment has been made in 164 countries and regions, up 5.9 percent year on year against trade headwinds. Foreign Embassies and businesses at the two day event are eyeing on a bigger piece of the pie.

“The Chinese investors started to arrive there some years ago, five or six years ago, and keep on going! Because they really contribute for the development of our economy, and for the connection between Portugal and China,” said Jose Augusto Duarte, the Portuguese Ambassador to China.

“In Ethiopia, we have about 4 billion Chinese investments already on the ground. We are hoping to attract more investment. Because the Ethiopian economy, with challenges here and there, is growing at a higher level. We hope the economy will continue to grow,” said Teshome Toga Chanaka, the Ethiopian Ambassador to China.

Aside from their confidence in Chinese overseas investors, exhibitors and ambassadors also expressed concerns over China-U.S. trade frictions, hoping the two economies will soon resolve disputes and restore global trade order.

“We know that the impact of the dispute is not only confined to China and the United States, it will have global impacts. So, we all hope and encourage both parties to resolve their disputes through negotiation,” said Chanaka.

Lindsay Liu, President of the Council of American States in China, said governors and U.S. delegations still visit China for opportunities despite the differences between the two sides.

“For example, the governors of Indiana and Arkansas just visited China last month, and resulted in recruiting several Chinese companies to invest in the U.S. So, we are very positive about the ongoing relationship between the two countries,” said Liu.

This year’s investment fair is themed “Collaborating on High Quality Construction for Prosperous Belt & Road Development.”

The fair has been held for ten sessions by now. For each session, the platform has helped more than 100 Countries and Regions, as well as thousands of Chinese enterprises to participate in face to face communications.