The Annual International Forum on Higher Education 2019 was held in the Northwest city of Lanzhou, Gansu Province, from Saturday to Sunday, gathering higher education researchers from 24 countries across the world and representatives from hundreds of Chinese universities to carry out discussions on modern higher education.

Sponsored by China Association of Higher Education and organised by Lanzhou University, the forum this year is calling on “International Horizons and China Experience of Higher Education Modernisation.”

Many forum attendees said the core value of higher education modernisation lies in people; in other words, students and teachers must have international perspectives.

“The International perspectives come from two sources which are inviting in from outside, and walking out. We have to encourage teachers to work for international academic organisations, conferences and key journals so that they could merge in the mainstream and go ahead,” said Li Yanrong, an Academician with the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and president of Sichuan University.

During the forum this time, the topic of “fostering character and civic virtue,” which is the core of building high-level universities with Chinese characteristics, has been hotly discussed by guests.

“We’re attaching great importance to and prioritising the mission of fostering character & civic virtue.

The results of fostering character and civic virtue have become the fundamental criterion of checking all the works of the schools, which has left deep impression on our peers abroad,” said Li Yuanyuan, an academician with the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and president of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Setting up for four sub-forums, the annual forum this year also paid attention to the “Double First-Class University” construction as well as the educational development along the “Belt & Road.”