Aramco could play a significant role in China’s “Belt and Road” initiative, said Saudi Aramco Chairman and CEO Amin Hassan al-Nasser.

Using a combination of clean oil and gas resources with renewable energy sources will help China achieve its economic goals, Nasser added.

His remarks were made during Saudi Aramco’s participation in China’s Development Forum, which took place from March 23 till 25.

It is an annual meeting and platform for dialogue between China’s top leadership and representatives of leading international companies and bodies and experts from China and all over the world.

Nasser said that China’s expanded role in the global economy has proven to be of great benefit to the world, adding that China is at another milestone moment with its Belt and Road Initiative.

“Clearly, having adequate, reliable, affordable and clean energy will be critical to the continued development of China and the broader global economy,” he stressed.

“Saudi Aramco is ready to play a leading role as part of this strategic effort and make more investments, including in energy-related infrastructure, to ensure China, as well as all the Belt and Road partner countries, have access to reliable long-term energy supplies.”

Nasser met during the forum with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang as both expressed their deep appreciation for Aramco’s efforts and its investment in an integrated joint venture in the refining and chemicals sector in Panjin City, Liaoning Province.

Keqiang praised Aramco’s keenness to continue the joint venture after signing the agreement last February during Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s recent visit to China.

Nasser reviewed with Keqiang Saudi Aramco’s future plans in the Zhejiang province to expand its business in the refining and chemicals sector.

Saudi Aramco has signed several business agreements with Chinese energy companies during the Prince’s recent visit to the Republic.