A New Art Expo aimed at becoming an art communication platform under China’s Belt and Road Initiative will be coming to Shanghai, the expo organisers announced on Wednesday.

The first Art Plus Shanghai is scheduled to open at the Shanghai Expo Center on October 23. More than 100,000 visitors and 100 Galleries from home and abroad are expected to attend.

Gu Zhihua, curator of the expo, said that the event is a meaningful attempt to explore new ways to promote Chinese culture as well as introducing overseas arts under China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

“The Initiative Offers such a good opportunity for the Chinese Arts and Culture industry as well as other relevant parties,” he said.

Chinese artist Gu Wenda said that the expo will not only be a stage for showcasing art, but also a chance for young people to communicate and share.” After a preview night on October 23, the expo will open to the public from October 24 to 27.