Artists of Gansu Dance Troupe visited the Latvian Capital this weekend to present Chinese New Year’s show to audience at the Great Guild Hall in Riga Old Town on Saturday night.

Opening the concert Happy Chinese New Year, Sun Yinglai, Charge d’Affaires a.i. of the Chinese Embassy in Latvia, invited everybody to join in celebrating the Spring Festival and learn about its traditions and symbolism.

Sun stressed the significance of the year 2018 for both China and Latvia, as China marked the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and Latvia celebrated the centenary of his statehood last year. The diplomat praised the Chinese-Latvian relations, noting that the bilateral ties are at their “highest level ever”.

Gansu Dance Troupe
Photo: (January 26, 2019) Artists of Gansu Dance Troupe perform during a Chinese New Year’s show at the Great Guild Hall in Riga – Latvia.

The Orchestra of the Gansu Dance Troupe, which has toured more than 30 countries and many regions for culture exchange programs, introduced to the Latvian audience Chinese musical traditions by performing Chinese melodies, including Flying Apsaras and the Silk Road, a masterpiece reflecting profound influences of Chinese Dance Traditions as well as the history of the region.

The program included not only Chinese Music, but also Latvian Folksongs like Bedu Manu Lielu Bedu and The River Daugava. The rendering of The River Daugava by the Chinese artists was met by a standing ovation.