Azerbaijan is greatly interested in attracting Russia to the use of transport routes passing through Azerbaijan and the country’s logistics potential, Russian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Mikhail Bocharnikov said.

Bocharnikov made the remarks in Baku at the press conference on June 10.

‘Today, the idea of linking the North-South International Transport Corridor and the well-known Chinese initiative One Belt, One Road, is being introduced into the international practice,’ he said.

‘The North-South International Transport Corridor is a meridional direction, while One Belt, One Road is the latitudinal direction of the transport route,’ Bocharnikov said.

‘That is, the issue is the possibility of using the railway communication service among Azerbaijan, China and Russia (as cargoes are transited through Russia), as well as establishing railway communication service between China and other countries.”

The ambassador stressed that in this intersection, not only Russia, but other participants may also use the port of Alat in Azerbaijan for transportation along the Eurasian transport corridors.

“The cargoes are transported through the railways in most of transport corridors, including the North-South International Transport Corridor,’ he added.

‘The port of Alat is located along the route passing through one of the railway routes, so it is obvious that there are opportunities for linking them.”