The success of the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone now depends on its resident companies, media has learned from Belarusian Economy Minister Dmitry Krutoi at a Special event dedicated to the Day of the Park.

The Official said: “We are now past the stage of building the infrastructure, enabling the conditions, working out some legislation.

Now the success of the project hinges primarily on our residents. In the next few years it is unlikely we will be able to register as many new resident companies and we will focus primarily on implementing the already signed projects.”

According to Aleksandr Yaroshenko, Head of the administration of the Industrial Park, the moving of the resident companies to the stage of operation and pre-operation work is one of the most important steps in the course of implementing this project.

In his words, so far 28 companies have already started making their products in the park or are vigorously building their enterprises. “Our residents have brought technologies to make innovative products, which the manufacturing sector, healthcare, and other industries need.

Thanks to our residents such important areas as logistics, scientific research, big data storage and processing are being actively developed,” Aleksandr Yaroshenko stressed.

The largest companies that already make products include OOO MAZ-Weichai and OOO Chengdu Xinzhu Silk Road Development. Plans have been made to commission about ten manufacturing enterprises this year.

According to the industrial park administration head, the largest one of them will be IPG Photonics of RuchTech Company (a U.S. producer of fibre optics lasers).

“It is a very advanced cutting-edge enterprise, which I hope will become the flagship of our laser equipment-related industry,” Aleksandr Yaroshenko noted.

The enterprise is supposed to be commissioned in June. Speaking about the construction of enterprises, which is supposed to start this year, Aleksandr Yaroshenko mentioned an enterprise meant to produce fire-fighting robots.

“It is a very interesting enterprise. We hope they will reach the active construction phase this year and will be able to start manufacturing products by the end of this year or early next year,” the official said.

Events timed to the Day of the Park took place in the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone on 13 May.

In particular, a board of honour was unveiled with names of the resident companies, which have already commissioned their manufacturing enterprises, and resident companies, which are vigorously building their enterprises.

Apart from that, the best construction projects of the China-Belarus industrial park were lauded.