Coordination of work within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative was discussed at a meeting of Chairman of the Council of the Republic Mikhail Myasnikovich with Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki, reported by the press service of the Upper House of the Belarusian Parliament.

Chairman Mikhail Myasnikovich & PM Mateusz Morawiecki
Photo: Chairman of Council of Republic, Mikhail Myasnikovich meeting with Prime Minister of Republic of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki with Delegation.

In particular, they discussed joint efforts to implement infrastructure projects and to develop trade and logistics hubs as part of the Belt and Road global Initiative. They assessed performance of the intergovernmental commission and suggested setting up a working group on electric energy cooperation.

Investment partnership was another important matter on the agenda. Mikhail Myasnikovich informed that in 2018 bilateral trade expanded by 5.3% over the previous year. He believes that the two countries are well positioned to further increase bilateral trade. The MPs are willing to help advance Belarus-Poland relations to a higher level.

Chairman Mikhail Myasnikovich & Marshal Marek Kuchciсski
Photo: Chairman of Council of Republic, Mikhail Myasnikovich with Marshal of Sejm (Polish Parliament) Marek Kuchciсski.

Interparliamentary contacts were discussed at a meeting of Mikhail Myasnikovich with Marek Kuchciсski, the Marshal of the Sejm (Polish Parliament).

According to them, the recent years have seen considerable progress in restoring mutual trust between the two countries. However, political, economic and humanitarian contacts have made little headway.

The Sejm thinks highly of Belarus’ role as a communication platform for large-scale international events of the OSCE PA, the Central European Initiative and the Munich Security Conference. It was said that Belarus makes a meaningful contribution to common European processes. The marshal upheld the economic proposals that Belarus put forward.