Belt and Road Forum 2019 is organized by Geofora Conference Management, a geo-economics conference management company. Geofora Conference Management is a fully owned subsidiary of Adviser.

Adviser is a strategic consultancy firm that provides a comprehensive range of business function such as Adviser Core, the strategic, economic and management consultancy arm; Training & Development (TRAND); Gulf and Global Security and Development Forum (GGSDF) a brain trust; Market Research and Public Affairs (MRPA).

Geofora Coference Management organizes conferences, seminars and private and public roundtable that address development at the national, regional and international landscape. Geofora Conference Management events address geo-economic development and trends of trade, logistics, transport and investment, geo-economics of cyber infringement, economic sanction and the creation of regional and international economic institution.

Location: Dubia, UAE.
Monday, 11 February, 2019.

Reasons To Attend

Learn more about the Belt and Road initiatives impact on:

  • Arabian Gulf government and policy-making, and how it will impact the public sector 
  • UAE economy, specifically its impact on trade, investment, industrial production, energy and finance sectors. 
  • Business sectors especially those operating in the infrastructure, investment, finance, energy & supply lines and industrial production. 
  • The geo-economic order in the Arabian Gulf 
  • Arabian gulf culture 

Connect with key stakeholders who will expand your organizational network in the:

  • Local and regional government and public policy sector 
  • Local and regional economic policymaking circle 
  • Local and regional business community  
  • Local and regional strategies and geo-economics thought leaders 
  • Local and regional cultural establishments 

Build and establish organizational relationship, that advances your organisation’s strategic objectives with:

  • Government and public policy sector officers 
  • Economic policymakers 
  • Trade, investment, Industrial production, energy & supply, and finance sector key business leaders 
  • Geo-strategic and geo-economic though leaders