Better economics is reinvigorating China’s investment in Belt & Road Projects.

Discover how economics is reinvigorating China’s ambitious plan to connect the Eurasia-African Region in Refinitiv New Report.

Refinitiv BRI Database shows that the around 84 New Projects related to the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) were unveiled in July, valued at $52.54 billion. All told, BRI Database covers 2,951 Belt & Road Projects valued at $3.87 trillion already underway across the wider Silk Road Region, involving 2,630 Companies.

“Nigeria broke into the list of the top 10 Nations that have the largest BRI related Investment, ousting Belarus”

In this white paper it is explored how improved economics in Belt & Road Countries, alongside supportive Government Policies in China, are driving more sustainable funding for Infrastructure Projects.

Belt & Road: An Initiative in Numbers