Twenty People from Seven Countries including Mongolia, Madagascar and Pakistan will attend the 15 day training program in Gansu to provide the best treatment plan for more congenital heart disease patients in the world and promote the advanced medical technology as seen in Gansu for the benefit of countries along the Belt & Road Route.

The training program is sponsored by the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and will open in Gansu Provincial People’s Hospital on October 10.

Congenital heart disease is the most common congenital malformation in birth defects, accounting for about one-third of all congenital abnormalities. Prevention and treatment of congenital heart disease has become a major public health concern that seriously affects the quality of the birth population and the health of children.

The technology targeting congenital heart disease pioneered by China can be realised in ordinary operating rooms without the support of large imaging equipment, which significantly reduces the medical cost and is in line with the national conditions of developing countries along the Belt & Road Route.

Li Xingyong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Gansu Provincial People’s Hospital, pointed out that the technology China offers boasts advances, safety and economical treatment all together.

The popularisation and application of this technology has practical significance for optimising the treatment program of congenital heart disease, reducing the economic burden of patients, and enhancing medical exchanges and mutual trust among developing countries along the Belt & Road Route.

Medical science has no national boundaries. He hoped that trainees could bring the technology back to their own countries and benefit their own people.