Advanced cloud based Cold chain logistics offer an opportunity to solve global food trading & supply issues.

Delegates from the Governments of Vietnam & Estonia visited Jiuye SCM during CIIE 2019 (China International Import Expo) to discuss future cooperation on imports of fresh produce to China.

Alongside the visits, the leading supply chain management provider hosted several sessions with business delegates from the Philippines, Australia and Canada, introducing it’s one-stop cold chain logistics solution to fresh products and food suppliers looking to enter the Chinese market.

As the “Belt & Road Initiative” has increasingly driven-up trade volume of fresh food products, Jiuye SCM has begun optimising its services to achieve smart management across the entire supply chain.

Lying at heart of global trade is the need for an innovative, integrated and seamless supply chain management system to unlock the potential for world trade to solve global food supply issues.

With its one-stop solution for global supply chain management, Jiuye SCM is aiming to help the global importers who are eyeing the Chinese market at CIIE of this year.

“CIIE is set to simplify and increase in fresh and frozen product imports to China, to support this, a robust cold chain solution is required to ensure the import quality of products.

With our expertise in integrated supply chain management, we aim to facilitate the global circulation of fresh food, forming an all in one platform to boost trade and the efficient allocation of resources”, said Bing Zhang, CEO of Jiuye SCM

Seeking a platform to provide a more responsive and efficient supply chain, Tran Thanh Nam, Deputy Minister of Agricultural and Rural Development of Vietnam, and Mark Javik, Agricultural Minister of Estonia, paid a visit to Jiuye SCM’s fresh food Cloud Warehouse.

“The visit is crucial for multilateral cooperation. We are looking forward to Jiuye’s supply chain service enabling the import of dairy products, beverages and honey from Estonia to the Chinese market, further strengthening Sino-Vietnamese trade cooperation”, Zhang said.

Jiuye SCM introduced its Fresh Food Cloud platform to delegation teams during their visit. With Jiuye’s real-time digital management system, the platform which includes multiple temperature rooms, features a network connecting various parameters for both B2B or B2C businesses for better collaboration throughout the supply chain.

By leveraging smart Cloud-Warehouse management, the system can also offer value-added services including processing, sorting, packaging, customised refrigeration and inspection.

Sourcing from overseas and supporting global suppliers to deliver to homes and tables across China, Jiuye facilitates global purchasing by utilising a global warehousing system that covers product purchasing, manufacturing, storage management, shipping, customer delivery, marketing and sales while its international logistics services deliver a seamless suite of services to help companies to eliminate friction in their supply.

With its 30+ distribution centres in China and 15 overseas branches across the globe, Jiuye’s services cover fruit, vegetables and flowers.

The company has expanded its supply chain management system with collaborations in America, Singapore, Canada and Germany, and plans to localise its services in North America, Europe and the Middle East.