“The Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) is a pattern of China’s all-round opening up. To implement the BRI and promote more countries participation, we must work toward a high-quality Initiative, and this is our core competitiveness,” according to former Vice Minister of Commerce Chen Jian.

He made these remarks at a Plenary Session during the Sixth China Inbound-Outbound Forum in Beijing on November 4.

The session carried a theme of “Emerging Commercial Opportunities along the Belt & Road.” In regard to the concept of BRI’s high-quality development, Chen offered an eight point elaboration.

“There is no fixed specification or absolute standard for this idea,” he explained. “Instead, this concept should remain essential for continued progress of society.”

According to the former Minister, a high-quality BRI should primarily serve the common interests and development goals of all participants. In addition to the promising economic returns and the high-level technological capabilities, the BRI should also give full play to environmental protection.

Speaking on the topic of investing and financing the BRI related projects, Chen called for an upgraded and optimised structure to ensure returns.

In addition to other aspects such as project management, shared interests, and cultural inclusiveness, he also pointed out that the essence of the BRI lay in upholding the spirit of consultation.

“The BRI is, by no means, a project or a plan. It is rather a vision, or a cooperative concept to serve as a useful complement to the existing global governance system and the international economic order.

“China will remain committed to defending the outcome of WWII and the post-war order. Meanwhile, it is open to the adjustment and improvement of the existing international order,” Chen added. Hosted by the Center for China and Globalisation (CCG), the two-day event addressed the development of companies and the business environment under economic globalisation.