Executives of media and technology companies from 25 countries have issued a written proposal calling for communication innovation by using 5G and 4K technologies.

The document was a major outcome of the “Belt and Road Innovation Forum on 5G+4K Communication” held in Beijing on Monday.

The more than 150 participants, representing over 50 companies, pledged to work together to create new space for the development of media entities against the backdrop of a new technological revolution.

Representatives from Argentina, China, Japan, Germany, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Myanmar, Russia and other countries discussed how to realise communication innovation and promote deeper integration under the guidance of high technology in this internet era.

Shen Haixiong, President of China Media Group, said that the company is pushing forward its 5G+4K+AI strategy to accelerate its media convergence and that it is willing to join hands with mainstream media organisations in Belt and Road countries and regions to promote cross-cultural exchanges.

A 100 episode micro-documentary titled “From Chang’an to Rome” was broadcast at the opening ceremony of the Forum.

In addition, an exhibition of media application technology was held during the Belt and Road Innovation Forum on 5G+4K Communication, showcasing some of the world’s leading new media technologies.