“The Belt and Road Initiative” Seminar on Chinese Enterprises Going to the Asia Pacific held in Shanghai, with the theme of “A New Era of Future-Oriented Asia-Pacific Cooperation,” was held on Wednesday in Shanghai.

The seminar, which brought together 350 officials and experts from more than 10 countries, examined how Asia-Pacific economies, as the most dynamic economies in the world, jointly inject positive energy into an open world economy and usher in a new era of Asia-Pacific development.

Attendees also discussed how Chinese financial institutions to strengthen cooperation with international markets, prevent and control risks, participate in competition and promote liberalisation and facilitation of regional investment and trade, so as to help Chinese enterprises better understand the development opportunities in the Asia-Pacific and work for win-win cooperation.

Dong Yunhu, chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Shanghai Committee, said in his speech that China has always been an advocate and practitioner of Asia-Pacific cooperation, and has made important contributions to promoting Asia-Pacific economic cooperation and development.

Dong said, in the future, the Asia-Pacific region should continue to seek common development, open up and share development opportunities, achieve win-win cooperation and continue to lead global economic growth.

Yang Chonghui, Vice Chairman of China Economic and Social Council, said that the uncertainties and instability in the world economy are more prominent today. In the new situation, we must firmly uphold multilateralism and deepen partnership, build an open economy and promote inclusive development, promote connectivity and contribute to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda as well as lead the innovation-driven development and create a driving force for growth.

Shang Yuying, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Municipal Government, said that as China’s largest economic centre, Shanghai plays a pivotal role in promoting economic and trade cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region around the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Shang said, the next step will focus on three aspects: First, to host the China International Import Expo as a platform to attract more Asia-Pacific enterprises to take Shanghai as a hub to actively explore the Chinese market.

Second, to take the construction of the new area of Shanghai Free Trade Zone as an opportunity, comprehensively implement the Foreign Investment Law and the negative list of foreign investment, and promote more opening-up measures.

Third, to promote the construction of an Asia-Pacific demonstration e-port network to achieve greater trade flow with the rest parts of the Asia-Pacific region.

Luo Linquan, Vice President of China Public Diplomacy Association, said that we should continue to promote regional economic integration and build an open Asia-Pacific economy, enhance trade and investment liberalisation and facilitation, adhere to innovation-driven development and cultivate new momentum of growth as well as improve connectivity and promote inclusive and interconnected development.

The seminar is sponsored by China Public Diplomacy Association and CPPCC Shanghai Committee, supported by China Economic and Social Council and Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, and organised by Committee of Friendship with Foreign Countries of CPPCC Shanghai Committee, Shanghai Public Diplomacy Association and Asia Pacific Daily.

Consulate officials of Chile, the Philippines, Thailand, United States, Singapore, New Zealand, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, and South Korea in Shanghai also attended the seminar.