Belt & Road Summit 2020 is to take place in Dubai from 15 – 16 April 2020, informed Mark Mobius. He said the infrastructure development plays a critical role in unlocking country’s growth potential. He added, “Infrastructure is an investment opportunity for investors like us.”

The recent Belt & Road (BRI) investment on new project contracts worth $127.7 billion in 61 countries by Chinese companies has increased international attention, especially in the Middle East region.

In 2019, China had a banner year for bringing nearly 152 countries to join hands in developing the next level of economic growth & global trade, highlighting the UAE signed deals worth $3.4 billion through Belt & Road Initiative.

In support of the China-UAE’s signature economic ties, over 1,000 senior officials from many host countries will gather at the Middle East’s first of its kind event.

Organised by Apollo Group under the name of ODO, the Summit will see some of the major BRI projects from 70+ countries gathering to connect with giant financial institutions, consulate generals, top-notch investors, legal counsels and many government agencies while unlocking huge foreign investment opportunities.

Among 60+ keynote speakers, Dubai South’s CEO – Logistics District, Mohsen Ahmad, said, “Logistics and supply chain are at the heart of the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) global development and Dubai has a clear strategy which reflects its strong support to this project through the Dubai Silk Road Strategy.

The Belt & Road Summit 2020 provides Dubai South with the ideal platform to showcase its efforts towards helping achieve this strategy. Through its infrastructure, facilities, business solutions, and supportive policy environment, Dubai South has been enabling organisations from around the world to tap Dubai’s uniqueness as a hub for the successful implementation of the BRI.”

Father of the Emerging Markets, Mark Mobius, said, “As an Emerging Market Investor, I am very aware of the critical role infrastructure development plays in unlocking a countries growth potential. At the same time, infrastructure is an investment opportunity for investors like us.

The Belt & Road initiative is probably the largest global infrastructure program ever initiated and I look forward to talking to the people involved in this major enterprise at the Belt & Road Summit in Dubai,” in an interview leading up to the summit.

Commenting on the participation at the summit, Dr Ramadan Alblooshi, CEO of Dubai Healthcare City, who will be presenting a keynote at the summit, said, “Economic evidence confirms that the status of population health is associated with economic growth.

The relationship is dynamic and a fundamental priority of any community. With ageing population, incidence of chronic illness and evolving Healthcare technology, there is a very delicate balance for policymakers to continuously advance developments. Our challenge is to harmonise well-being and economic policies to improve the outcomes.”