Six years after its launch, China’s epic Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) is a major driver of project activity globally, with many roads, railways, ports and other connectivity infrastructure planned or underway to realise Beijing’s grand ambition of connecting Asia,
Africa and Europe.

Currently, the Refinitiv BRI database has captured 2,631 projects with a combined value of $3.7 trillion, with the number of enterprises involved in the signature project standing at nearly 2,600. Of these, more than 55 percent are non-Chinese companies. Overall, China
has embarked on 170 deals linked to 163 master or standalone projects, Refinitiv data shows.

China has moved rapidly from BRI’s launch in 2013 to date to forge closer trade ties, signing co-operative documents with 126 countries and 29 international organisations.

In addition, trade between China and its BRI member countries crossed $6 trillion from 2013 to 2018, growing at an average annual growth rate of four percent.