The BRICS countries have made remarkable achievements in past decades, showing the effectiveness of the BRICS cooperation mechanism, said Adnan Bourji, Director of the Lebanese National Center for Studies.

Adnan said he is impressed by the scientific and technological cooperation among the countries which was an important issue discussed at the 11th Summit of BRICS.

He believes the cooperation will lead the BRICS countries to another “golden decade”

“The BRICS Countries made remarkable progress in the last ‘golden decade.’ We believe this prosperity will sustain and multiply in the future because science and technology as a focus of the summit are making rapid progress. As the BRICS countries have their own sci-tech industries, they are capable to make new achievements through sci-tech development,” said Adnan.

Adnan stressed that as protectionism and unilateralism are resurfacing, the BRICS countries should pay more attention to innovation-driven economic growth and continue to promote multilateralism and enhance international economic and trade cooperation.

“We are entering a new era. Through the cooperation among the BRICS countries and countries involved in the Belt & Road Initiative, we will enter an era featuring closer cooperation among peoples,” said Adnan.

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