“The Government could resolve the Huawei problem and the Auckland housing crisis by signing a Belt and Road partnership to finance and build a new city south of Manukau,” according to Auckland mayoral candidate John Palino.

“Through the Belt and Road Initiative, the Chinese government will finance all the construction we need”

“All the Government has to do is sign a deal to buy some KiwiBuild homes and with Chinese money and experience and kiwi skills, we can not only build the homes we need but the major rail, road, and water infrastructure that support it.

“We can only make the deal work with a new city. It can’t happen any other way because there’s not enough land available inside the urban boundary without compulsory purchase and, what land there is, is far too expensive for KiwiBuild.

“Only with a second major city centre for new jobs and homes can we cut a deal which will allow our region to build homes people can afford and pay for infrastructure”.

“There is no doubt we can make the deal work. All of China’s big players are on the ground here now trying to get progress underway”.

“Huawei will be a distant memory if we focus on other ways of working together with China – ways in which we all benefit.”

All the government has to do is keep its KiwiBuild commitment and all the Auckland Council has to do is stop constraining Auckland’s development.

“It is so frustrating to see nothing happen while housing gets more difficult to obtain and congestion gets worse every day”.

“We can reduce any stress on our relationship with China, solve the housing crisis and build the roads and pipes we need, but we must leave ideology and the same old stale approach to growing Auckland behind,” said John Palino.