Diplomats from countries in Central and Eastern Europe praised China’s contribution to the recovery of the Global Economy.

After seeing China’s economic recovery and opening-up to the global market, the diplomats said that their countries have been seeking more cooperation with China amid the recessing global economy and the shrinking global demand.

“Chinese companies and investments are very important driving forces in Serbia’s Economic Development. We hope that more Chinese companies can invest and participate in Serbia’s infrastructure development, especially after the pandemic,” said Ivan Kandijas, Serbian Ambassador to China.

“China is ceaselessly going forward. It has not only eliminated poverty on its own soil, but also accelerated many other countries’ poverty elimination movements and supported their common development through its large-scale global investment and projects within the framework of the Belt & Road Initiative.

This is applaudable,” said Tarik Bukvic, ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to China.

“China has become a booster for world economic growth. The continued opening up of China’s huge consumer market will not only bring opportunities to partner countries, but also benefit Chinese consumers, meaning that they will have more chances to freely choose good products from around the world,” said Vladimir Tomsik, Czech Republic Ambassador to China.

“We want to have something concrete which will contribute to our economies. I think we should focus on these areas, opening potential in the areas like e-commerce, corporation in the research development, new technologies,” said Dusan Bella, Slovakian Ambassador to China.

In 2012, China initiated trade and cooperation agreements with the countries in Central and Eastern Europe, and started a relationship referred to as China-Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) Cooperation.

With Greece having joined the initiative last year, the cross-regional cooperation platform is now a “17+1” mechanism, with 17 CEEC countries plus China, aiming to safeguard multilateralism, promote free trade, and jointly build an open global economy.