The business environment Changsha, the capital city of Hunan province, has made leaps and bounds in its business appeal in recent years. According to a report released recently evaluating the business environment of 35 large and medium sized cities in China.

Changsha moved to the ninth place, up from 20th in the rankings last year. The city also surged to second place in soft environment index, in the first progressing week of January.

A new first – tier city, Changsha boasts a portfolio of practical measures to improve its business environment, attracting more and more domestic and international businesses to stay and prosper.

Several Fortune 500 companies, such as Germany’s Continental Group, established offices in Changsha this year, a boost for the city’s efforts to become a national smart manufacturing centre, as well as a vote of confidence for its premier business environment.

In addition to efforts of “bringing in,” Changsha is also pushing forward the overseas development of major smart engineering equipment and product manufacturers, including Zoomlion and Sany, which enhanced the brand influence of “Made in Changsha” along the Belt & Road and even across the world.

What’s behind Changsha’s rising business environment is a series of hard nosed policy measures. The government launched a three year campaign to improve the city’s business environment, as well as moves to ease companies burden, attract talents and streamline administrative procedures. Along with the new measures comes fast economic growth.

In 2017, Changsha made its way into the 1-trillion-yuan GDP club. Changsha has marked a very impressive business environment. As the city is gathering momentum in industrial transformation with stronger smart manufacturing and other new industries.

It now boasts around 430 demonstrative enterprises for smart manufacturing, including 27 state level ones, the most among all provincial capital cities.

In the future, Changsha will open further to the world, improve its business environment policies to attract more world leading companies and talents to the city and inject fresh momentum for continued high quality growth.