The Belt and Road Initiative and a New Era of Transcultural Networks?’ is an international conference focusing on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a grand multilevel cooperation platform actively promoted by the Chinese Government.

The event will connect researchers across Europe, Asia and North America from a variety of disciplines to facilitate discussion on the cultural, political, and social implications of the current unfolding of the BRI in Eurasia.

Location: Universitetshuset, Uppsala University – Sweden
Date: – Website:

Scholars will discuss the following topic:

  • Addressing the BRI both inside and outside of China (by nation-states, non-state actors, corporations, and local communities).
  • The BRI as a tool to revitalise older histories of overland and maritime trade and cultural exchange in order to connect countries, ports, and people.
  • The BRI-implied making and unmaking of political and cultural affiliations in Eurasia.
  • The implications of interactions between China and Eurasian sub-regions and individual states on informing the concepts and ideas of security, peace, and development.

The Conference is free of Charge.