The China Cruise and Yacht Industry Association (CCYIA) has announced that because of the accelerated development of Cruise Ports in China, it has upgraded its Cruise Port Roundtable Talk to the Cruise Port Forum at the 14th China Cruise Shipping Conference & International Cruise Expo (CCS14) taking place in Guangzhou November 15 – 17, 2019.

The CCYIA said that Ports are important drivers for the economic development of Port cities and that there are 19 cities on the mainland coastline that have built or are planning to build Cruise Ports.

Shanghai and Hong Kong already have two cruise facilities each and Taiwan has four Ports in operation.

Topics for the CCS14 Cruise Forum will be:

1) The Asian Cruise Port Development Model;
2) Silk Road Cruise Port Cooperation;
3) Port and City Integration Development, and
4) The Intelligent Cruise Port.

For the past 10 years, China’s cruise industry has grown from a zero base, according to the CCYIA, adding that the organising committee has also invited representatives from Guangzhou’s sister cities and sister Ports, including Hamburg, Rotterdam, Acu (Brazil), Tanjung Priok (Indonesia), Suva (Fiji), the Solomon Islands, Piraeus and the other major Domestic Chinese Cruise Ports to participate in CCS14.

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