Over the past few years, China has increasingly made headlines in global news, creating a constant stream of articles, background reports and opinion pieces. Many of the events covered are having an impact well beyond the country and its own economy.

Some of the main events that have dominated global news recently have included the ongoing slowdown of the Chinese economy, culminating in the slowest annual growth in 25 years, several severe stock market crashes, official recognition by the IMF of the Renminbi as a reserve currency and a significant devaluation while it slowly moves towards a more market-determined exchange rate, as well as many other government interventions and policy easing.

In the midst of all these developments, it may be challenging to keep an eye on China’s long-term goals, ambitions and initiatives, most notably, the massive efforts China’s leadership is putting into its ‘going global’ strategy. These efforts are shaped more and more by the so-called ‘Belt and Road’ (B&R) initiative, an initiative that is gaining wider recognition and momentum in public opinion in China, but not necessarily yet outside the country.

China New Silk Route