China has proved to be a trustworthy partner during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Kyrgyz Political Expert Aibolot Aidosov, Director of the Public Foundation of the Kyrgyz Media Center said. Noting that China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) will play a role in helping reviving the global economy after the pandemic.

China was able to localise the spread of the virus in less than three months. “The countermeasures system, which was developed by Chinese experts during its fight against the epidemic, is now successfully applied in many countries of the world,” he said.

The expert praised China as a reliable partner in fighting the pandemic. For example, Chinese doctors have visited dozens of countries in Asia, South America, Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States to offer humanitarian aid and bring medical masks, medicines, and protective equipment’s, he said.

In addition, China also provided financial assistance to developing countries affected by the virus, Aidosov said.

Even when China itself was still in a difficult situation facing the epidemic, China has been “pursuing an open policy and is very willing to respond to challenges and trends that are gaining momentum in a pandemic,” he said.

Noting that a pandemic has shown that international economic relations are vital to overcome global crises, the political analyst believed that the BRI, designed to boost global connectivity and trade, would gain new traction.

Kyrgyzstan “has always demonstrated its commitment to this project and its readiness for close cooperation. The world is waiting for new initiatives and projects after the pandemic, and this initiative (the BRI) will undoubtedly be one of the main ones,” he said.

The expert also spoke highly of the Chinese government’s continuous efforts to combat poverty, which have been recognised by the United Nations as a successful example of poverty eradication.

Praising the highly efficient organisation and administration of the world’s most populous nation to help its people achieve prosperity, even during the pandemic, Aidosov said “we see that China will consistently continue to work in this direction.”