China has adopted very strict measures, with responsibility and transparency, to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, said Ezzat Saad, Director of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs (ECFA), in a recent interview.

“China’s bold approach to controlling the spread of this new respiratory pathogen has contained the rapid escalation of the deadly epidemic,” Saad said.

“The hospitals were crowded with COVID-19 patients a few weeks ago, but now have only empty beds left,” he said, noting the number of the new cases reported each day in China has plummeted to almost zero.

The question now is whether the other countries could learn from the “inspirational” Chinese experience, said Saad, also a Former Egyptian Diplomat.

Hailing the wisdom of the Chinese leadership in managing the public health crisis, the Egyptian official said China has been “acting seriously and professionally” since the outbreak of the virus.

The Chinese government delivered clear messages to every citizen, making them understand the need to follow medical instructions, he noted.

On the Egyptian-Chinese cooperation in fighting the coronavirus, Saad said learning from the Chinese experience in dealing with the crisis is very important, adding China has always been a friendly country standing with Egypt in hard times.

Saad also highlighted the Chinese Belt & Road Initiative, saying it is an integrated comprehensive approach that paves the road for cooperation between the people and the governments in all fields.